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Combining Lasers and energy sources in Clinical and cosmetic Dermatology

In past one decade we’ve seen influx of several Lasers, and other energy devices like Light sources, frequency and HIFU high intensive focalized
ultrasound in Clinical and Aesthetic practice. It’s very confusing for even senior Dermatologists to form a choice which Laser or her energy device
to combine for what condition and skin type with safety and best result.
We can now safely combine several of such devices to enhance safety and efficacy. Results of treatment are more predictable. Several such devices
in my practice are going to be discussed. Few new indications and Use of such devices in several clinical Dermatology conditions are going to be
discussed. Patients agree for few days down time can have CO2 Fractional Laser, Pearl Laser and other devices and patients not willing for any down
time can produce other options available. Knowledge of Laser Physics is significant to understand best result without side effects. Dark skin patients
can now be safely treated with Long wavelength Lasers, infrared Titan 1800 nm, and frequency and HIFU devices safely. Medical breakthrough:
Use of ablative CO2 Laser in Fractional mode was introduced in 2006.After nearly twenty two years CO2 Laser is back in Fractional mode. depth of
tissue necrosis are often controlled with less pain ,improved result and short recovery time and new collagen production, skin tightening and hardly
any side effects. Our fractional Laser device is with new scanning algorithm that uses 180 and 300 microns beam and keeps longest possible interval
between two adjacent spots so as to attenuate heat accumulation around treated area This significantly reduces pain. Indications: Post Acne Scars
and other origin scars Open pores Fine and Coarse wrinkles Skin tightening Stretch marks Skin Dyschromias Dark Circles Photo aging.

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