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Comparative Genetic Variability Analysis of PSII psbB Among Selected Tree species

Comparative Genetic Variability Analysis of PSII psbB Among Selected Tree species>

A mechanism for synthesizing complex molecules from simple ones is needed, and one such mechanism is the photosynthesis. Photosynthesis, which literally means “synthesis with the help of light”, involves the composite functioning of various protein complexes. CP47 is a pigment-binding protein of PSII of a molecular mass of about 56 kDa, encoded by a single gene - psbB localized in the chloroplast genome. In the present study, various tree and vine species were sampled from different sites in and around Rajkot city. The genomic DNA was isolated from the samples and psbB gene was amplified using specific primers in PCR. The amplified gene was sequenced from all plant samples. The length of the amplified sequence was ~300 bp. The obtained sequences were analyzed with the help of bioinformatics tools. The polymorphism analysed amongst the sequences and that with the database sequences is compared, contrasted and discussed.

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