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Comparing Geostatistical Approaches for Mapping Soil Properties in Poshtkouh Rangelands of Yazd Province, Iran

Comparision between kriging and Inverse Distance weighing methods has been done to prepare predicted soil maps. The study area of Poshtkouh rangelands are located in the southern slopes of the Shirkouh mountains, Yazd province, Iran. Analysis of 112 soil samples was done using randomized-systematic method to depths 0-30 cm and 30-80 cm, and map of soil sample point was prepared. Kriging, Point-kriging, Normal Distance Weighing and Inverse Distance Weighing techniques were used to predict soil factor. Significance of these techniques was tested by cross validation test (MAE and MBE). Results suggest that in all depths and soil factors, kriging method is the best except soil organic matter.

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