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Comparing Two Kinds of Prime Solution between Ringer/Albumin and Ringer Lactate/Gelatin for Patients Undergoing Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Background: Use of Cardiopulmonary bypass system is commonly in open heart surgeries. Different prime solutions are used in cardiac surgery centers of world. In this study, we compared the level of bicarbonate and metabolic acidosis in both groups of patient’s undergone CPB with two different prime solutions. Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective crosssectional- observational study. The Studied community is all the Adult patients with elective coronary artery bypass grafting since March 21st till September 22nd 2018. Patients were divided into two groups. Group A (Ringer and Albumin solution) and group B (Ringer lactate and gelatin solution). Result: In total 203 patients were in the study. Group A (104 members) and group B (99 members) had the mean age of 61.32 ± 8.91 and 58.93 ± 9.88 years respectively. The prime volume (P-value<0.001) and consumed bicarbonate volume (Pvalue< 0.001) in Group A was significantly more than group B. According to the statistics, each of the variables PH, HCO3, BE in Group B was significantly more than group A and Hb in Group A was significantly more than group B (P-value<0.001). Conclusion: We can decrease metabolic acidosis and amount of consumed bicarbonate by decreasing the prime volume and using a different prime solution

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