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Complete Heart Block as a Presentation of Viral Myocarditis

 Complete Heart Block as a Presentation of Viral Myocarditis

Background: An acquired complete heart block is not common in previously healthy children. Underlying causes and the treatment of the acquired heart block would provide the different outcome.

Methods: Retrospective review of two recent cases of acquired complete heart block in children reported in relation to viral myocarditis.

Result: Two pediatric cases were referred to our facility due to the complete heart block after they initially presented with low cardiac output symptoms. Both of those children were implanted with temporary pacemaker and were administered with intravenous immunoglobulin. Their complete heart blocks recovered within 72 hours of treatment while their ventricular functions were gradually improved.

Conclusion: Acquired complete heart block related to the viral myocarditis in children is reversible despite the initial clinical presentation which is potentially rapid in its onset and progressive with potentially fatal outcome.

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