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Considerations in the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal seizures

The occurrence of neonatal seizures may be the first, and perhaps the only, clinical sign of a central nervous system disorder in the newborn infant. Seizures may indicate the presence of a potentially treatable etiology and should prompt an immediate evaluation to determine cause and to institute etiology-specific therapy. In addition, seizures themselves may require emergent therapy, since they can adversely affect the infant's homeostasis or they may contribute to further brain injury. Some types of neonatal seizures are associated with a relatively high incidence of early death and, in survivors, a high incidence of neurologic impairment, developmental delay, and postneonatal epilepsy. Management of neonatal seizures involves accurate diagnosis of seizures, expedited evaluation and targeted treatment for their etiology, and medication to abolish the electrographic seizures. This topic will discuss the approach to treatment of neonatal seizures

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