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Cutting-Edge Robotic Intravenous Pole: Preliminary Design and Survey in Academic Medical Center in Lebanon

Intravenous poles are biomedical healthcare supportive tools that aide in holding and delivering medications to patients through intravenous injections. Intravenous infusion relies on the weight of the Intravenous tubing fluid. Continuous follow-up of the intravenous bag is required to replace the fluid when emptied. Also, mobilization of the intravenous pole is required from patients and nurses. This leads to discomfort and inconvenience for both patients and hospital staff. Despite the existing intravenous poles have solved their difficulty, however, they were either not feasible, or couldn’t hold a lot of weight in the bag. Moreover, they lack any alarm system which indicates an empty bag. To improve current intravenous poles, we aim to develop a cutting-edge robotic intravenous pole mounted with an alarm system. The robotic intravenous pole comprises motors to hold large weights, sensors and wireless joystick technology. Experimental results dedicated to the design showed that the novel designed pole mobilization is improved by the use of stepper motors, omni wheels, micro-controller, and a joystick. Also, the alarm system has added alert to patients and nurses when the intravenous bags were emptied. Moreover, the robotic intravenous pole moved in all directions and rotated, with a press of a button. This design surpasses the movements and weight tolerance provided by alternative designs, and it is mechanically and electrically safe on the patients. Survey results highlighted the acceptance and motivation of having and using and Robotic IV pole as compared to alternatives.

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