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Development of height-diameter models in Beijing mountain area of China

In order to establish the model for tree height and diameter at breast height (DBH) and analyze the effects of study region, vegetation types, and density on it, the Multi-level Bayesian Model was used in the study areas and analyzed the uncertainty of model parameters. Additionally, the effects of regions, vegetation types, and density on the model were quantified. The data that was used was collected from 30 sampling plots (standard 1 hectare units) in the Nature Reserves and State/National Forest in Beijing's mountainous area. The Multi-level Regression Model was used for developing these models. The Multilevel modelling technique is perfectly suited for this study because of the hierarchical structure in data and in the various indicators of the ecosystem structure and function. The results suggest that the Height-DBH Model is an excellent way in which to represent the relationship between tree height and DBH in the Beijing mountain area. Different areas, vegetation types, and density all have specific effects on the model

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