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Discursive Representations of Health-in-Aging

Traditional approaches to identity across the lifetime have assumed that age itself and generational statuses and places determine BN MJK “who we can be.” In discrepancy, a digressive perspective can show how, during commerce, we laboriously construct age-salient individualities for ourselves and others through talk. Conversational processes of age- identity operation are explored in a corpus of (United Kingdom) senior medical inpatient consultations. In different ways, croakers deny the age- applicability of medical troubles that their cases routinely plump. Failing to Focus on Healthy Aging A Frailty of Our Discipline?” In response, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Clinical Practice and Models of Care Committee and Public Education Committee developed a white paper calling on the AGS and its members to play a more active part in promoting healthy aging. The administrative summary presented then summarizes the recommendations from that white paper.

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