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Distribution and Rejuvenation Technology of Ancient and Famous Tree in Beijing

Distribution and Rejuvenation Technology of Ancient and Famous Tree in Beijing

Ancient and famous Trees (AFT) are nature precious legacy, the witness of the history of the city, and also a sign of social civilization. Through a variety of methods of investigation, literature analysis, interviews, the distribution of ancient and famous trees resources, conservation and rejuvenation technology were analyzed in Beijing. 1) Densities of AFT had a different pattern with relatively high values in the central of city, the AFT decreased from 40,816 to 39,408 between 1980s and 2007. The species are mainly Platycladus orientalis, Pinus tabulaeformis, Sabinach inensis, Sophorajap onica accounting for 94% of the AFT in Beijing. 2) The AFT rejuvenation technology includes root, trunk and crown. The roots of conservation technologies are protective fence, building cisterns, infiltration wells, loose soil and earthing. Trunk repair techniques include plugging holes, patches of bark, stent support, injection fluid, bridging. The crown protection technology has prevented thunder-strike and pruning and branch leaves rejuvenation technology. The research will provide a reference for other cities to better protect and further research of the AFT.

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