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Diversity of Ethnomedicinal flora for Conjunctivitis from North Western Tarai Forest of Uttar Pradesh, India

An ethnomedicinal survey was carried out in North Western Tarai Forests of U.P. which is full of phytodiversity and a large tribal community which brought to light a number of plant species used as herbal medicines for the treatment of conjunctivitis. The aim of the study is to document the traditional indigenous knowledge of local inhabitants based on oral tradition and vanishing from the use of native medicinal plants and herbs which are being utilized by the people for the treatment of conjunctivitis and other ailments. The method adopted for documentation was based on questionnaire, consisting of semi structured interviews employing a check list of questions and direct observation. The present report elucidates a rich and unique profile of phytodiverisity of the research area surveyed with 70 plant species which belongs to 63 genera and 49 families. Phytochemical and clinical investigation of these plants are desirable for more useful and interesting results.

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