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Ecological Impacts, Distribution and its Management Approaches of Lantana camara L, in Ethiopia: A Review Paper

Lantana camara L. (Family: Verbenaceae) as one of the most ten world's dangerous invasion alien species. The aims of this review paper were to review ecological impacts, distribution and management approaches of the invasive species of Lantan camara L. shrubs in Ethiopia. The distribution of Lantana camara L. in Ethiopia is unlimited and many ecosystems are affected by this species are cultivated and non-cultivated land, road side, grazing area, rural villages, river side, wetlands, forest and urban areas. They are introduced in to anew country either through by human or natural cases (winds, birds, animals, water). Biodiversity loss, socioeconomic problems, agricultural loss, human and animal wellbeing problems and invasion of in national parks are the known impacts that Lantana camara L. posed within the country of Ethiopia. Utilization of Lantana camara L. for several purposes, prevention of its further spreading into non-infected areas, use of fire, mechanical, chemical, biological control and awareness creation are the recommended to management policies that can bring solutions to the threats posed by the clear within the country. Then, the country of Ethiopia should evaluate frequently the distribution and socioeconomic impact of this species to take proper protection actions and to prevent further introduction and spread of the Latana camara L. species in new areas that are not yet infested.

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