Journal of Infectious Diseases & Immune Therapies

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Editorial Note for Journal of Infectious Diseases & Immune Therapies

I am pleased to introduce Journal of Infectious Diseases & Immune Therapies is a peer reviewed, open access Journal dedicated to publishing the latest advancements related to infectious diseases and immunotherapies.

The journal deals with the publication of superior-quality preclinical, clinical (all phases), Treatment studies, observational studies, seasonal studies related to infectious diseases around the world, towards the Etiology of the infectious organism, pathogenesis related to the causative organism, diagnosis of the disease by various diagnostic products, infection control, preventing the spreading of these vulnerable diseases by vaccination.

The journal places special emphasis on studies pertaining to immune therapies focussing on the etiopathogenesis, management of the infection, antibiotic resistance, Pharmacoeconomics, prognosis, patient care, counselling, education of the new discoveries and advanced therapies.

The Journal accepts articles in the formats of original research articles, reviews, short communications, case reports, letters-to-the-Editor, and editorials for publication. All the published articles can be accessed online without any subscription charges and will benefit from extensive visibility.

All articles are peer reviewed by experts to ensure quality, originality, and reliability. Approval by at least two independent reviewers and the editor is mandatory for the acceptance of the manuscript for publication

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Editor-in-chief and Associate Editor during the final editing of articles published and bringing out issues of JLDITH in time. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the authors, reviewers, the publisher, language editor, honorary editors, the scientific advisory and the editorial board of JLDITH, the office bearers for their support in bringing out the new volume (Volume 05) of JLDITH for the calendar year 2020 and look forward to their unrelenting support further to release more issues for Journal of Infectious Diseases & Immune Therapies in scheduled time.

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