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Editorial Note for Journal of Marine Biology & Oceanography

It feels immense pleasure to share that the Journal of Marine Biology and Oceanography issue release frequency has been changed to quarterly (4 issues per year). The Journal was started in the year 2014 and since then it is growing continuously and publishing the issues successfully with sufficient number of articles. The main objective of the journal is to publish high-quality, authentic and upto- date research going on in the field of marine science, aquaculture, oceanography, biogeochemistry and fisheries science. Journal of Marine Biology and Oceanography is an international open access peer-review journal covering all aspects of Marine Biology and Oceanography. The Journal of Marine Biology and Oceanography is a quarterly journal and publishes article in English and every article is rigorously peer-reviewed and is published online with 45 days after acceptance. Its Editorial Board is composed of renowned researchers and scientists across the globe. The Editorial board comprises three Editor-in- Chief and 13 Editors, and each holding higher qualifications in their respective fields.

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