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Effect of Botanical Extracts and MPG (Modified Panchagavya) on Chilli Wilt Incidence Caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Chilli plants affected by wilt symptoms initially shows droopingand yellowing of lower leaves followed successively by youngerleaves at the time of flowering. Then upward and inward rollingof the leaves later, whole plant get wilted and dies within 30-40days. In the present investigation it was found that among thedifferent botanical extracts and natural product MPG (ModifiedPanchagavya) treatments lowest percent disease incidence wasrecorded in Garlic extracts (30%) followed by Darrek (36.66%),MPG (43.33%), Wild sage (46.66%) and Nongmangkha (46.66%)as compared to 73.33% in case of untreated control.

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