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Effect of Dominant Rhizosphere Mycoflora on Seed Germination of Dolichos lablab (L.)

Leguminosae (Fabaceae) is one of the most important plant family in all over the world. The legume seeds or pulses, sometimes termed ‘grain legumes’, are second only to the cereals as a source of human food and provide the much needed proteins to our predominantly vegetarian and poor population. Legumes have been an important crop ever since man started domesticating plants and have been part of our cultural heritage. In the present study the effect of fungal metabolites isolated from rhizophere mycoflora was studied on percentage seed germination of Dolichos lablab (L.). 15 species of fungi belonged to 9 genera encountered at different plant developing stages. Species of Aspergillus, Fusarium and Rhizopus were most frequent. The percentage germination of seeds was much affected by fungal metabolites. Almost all the metabolites tested were found inhibitory to seed germination.

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