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Effect of Exogenous Application of Plant Growth Regulators on Nutritional Status of Kiwifruit cv. Hayward

An experiment was conducted on 11-year-old vines of kiwifruit cv. Hayward grown on a T-bar trellis system for two years to study the influence of exogenous application of plant growth regulators on fruit nutritional status. Four different plant growth regulators viz., GA3 (25 and 50 mgL-1), BA (10 and 20 mgL-1), 2,4-D (10 and 25 mgL-1), TRIA (10 and 20 mgL-1) and a natural extract (4 gmL-1) were sprayed four weeks after full bloom. All the growth regulators proved effective in improving the nutritional status of kiwifruit. Highest fruit juice percentage was recorded with the application of 25 ppm GA3 followed by 10 ppm 2,4-D. TSS/ acidity ratio, vitamin C, total phenols and total carotenoids were also highest with 25 ppm GA3 followed by 50 ppm GA3. Fruit characteristics viz., fruit juice percentage, TSS/acidity ratio, vitamin C, total phenols and total carotenoids were lowest under control. It was concluded that application of 25 ppmGA3 or 50 ppm GA3 improved nutritional status of kiwifruit

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