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Effect of Feeding Fermented Rice Bran by Rumen Liquor on the Growth Performance of Broiler

Background: Broiler feed as Rice Bran (RB) is a by-product of rice industry which is cheap in Bangladesh. Using rice bran in broiler chicken diets is not common especially in the broiler chicken production system in Bangladesh due to have limitation like higher content of fiber and lower availability of few micronutrients including phosphorus. Fermentation of Rice Bran (RB) by rumen inoculate would improve the nutritive value and further inclusion of urea as non-protein nitrogenous substance would increase microbial population using nitrogen generated from urea.

Methods: Rice bran was fermented anaerobically without or with urea (2.0%) by rumen inoculates for a period of 48 hours. Three is nitrogenous (22.75% CP) and is caloric (3164 kcal/kg) diets contained 7.0% Rice Bran (RB), 7.0% Fermented Rice Bran (FRB) and 7.0% urea (2.0%) added Fermented Rice Bran (UFRB) was formulated. Total number of 120 day old unsexed broiler chicks (Cobb 500) was distributed in 03 groups considering 40 replicate birds in each.

Result: The true protein content of diet increased in groups offered FRB (16.45%) and UFRB (16.85%) in comparison to RB group (16.27%). Final body weight of RB, FRB and UFRB groups were 1129, 1152 and 1190 g/bird (p<0.05). Feed intake was 1884, 1828 and 1924 g/bird respectively for RB, FRB and UFRB groups (p<0.05). Feed conversion ratio was 1.75, 1.66 and 1.69 for RB, FRB and UFRB groups respectively (p<0.05). Dressing percentage was higher in the UFRB (73%) than in the FRB (70%). No mortality was occurred in any groups during feeding trial. So, it may be concluded that the inclusion of FRB by rumen inoculate increase the performance of broiler, but UFRB by rumen inoculate shows better growth performance and dressing yield of broiler.

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