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Effect of Pruning on Guava CV. Sardar Under Ultra High Density Orcharding System

An experiment was conducted during 2009-10 and 2010-11 at ICAR RCER, Research Centre, Ranchi to standardize time and level of pruning of guava plants planted under ultra high density orcharding in eastern plateau and hill conditions. Treatments on different time of pruning (pruning once in May, Pruning once in October and pruning thrice a year in March, May and October) and different levels of pruning (pruning to 60% of canopy height, pruning to 80% of canopy height and pruning to 50% shoot length) were imposed on three year old guava plants of cultivar Sardar planted under ultra high density orcharding (at a spacing of 1mx2m). In case of control, no pruning were done. A total of six treatment combinations were imposed in four replications with 12 plants per replication. Pruning thrice a year to 50% of shoot length resulted in maximum yield of summer season, winter season crop and total yield per ha (34.88 t/ha and 37.24 t/ha during 2009-10 and 2010-11, respectively). With respect to gross income per ha, the maximum gross return was also obtained in case of pruning thrice a year to 50% of shoot length. Hence keeping in view yield and Gross income, pruning of guava plants thrice a year viz. March, May and October to 50% of shoot length can be recommended for maximization of income from Ultra-high density guava orchard of cv. Sardar growing under eastern plateau and hill conditions.

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