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Effect of Speed of Incubator Shaker on Microbial Production of Xylitol

The work is an experimental study on the effect of speed of incubator shaker on the microbial production of xylitol from xylose using Candida parapsilosis NCIM-3323 and the optimum values are obtained. The speed of the incubator shaker was varied from 50 rpm to 175 rpm at a temperature of 30oC, initial pH of 3.5 and initial xylose concentration of 60 g/l. It was observed that the maximum production of xylitol was obtained for the speed of incubator shaker of 100 rpm. It was found that maximum xylitol concentration of 14.2 g/l, maximum xylitol yield of 0.284 g/g, maximum xylitol volumetric productivity of 0.5458 g/l-h, maximum xylitol specific productivity of 0.0109 g/g-h were obtained for the speed of incubator shaker of 100 rpm.

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