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Effects of Decapitation on Vegetative Propagation of Allium roseum L. (Alliaceae) from Tunisia

Paper embodies the effects of one experimental decapitation frequency on production of bulbs at the end of life cycle of the four accessions of Allium roseum from Tunisia. Allium roseum accessions allocated highest number of bulbs in decapitated plants and lowest in the control plants. Therefore, the accession 22 (El Fjé) and 27 (Bir Ali) maintained a similar total bulbs production as the control also when decapitated. In contrast, accession 28 (Lemaya) showed a good tolerance to decapitation by the highest mean number of bulbs produced. The decapitation treatment had a significant effect on total bulbs, medium and big size of bulbs in all the accessions studies. However, the accession showed significant effect on the number of small and medium bulbs produced by the four accessions of Allium roseum and did not show effect on the number of big bulbs. The interaction between defoliation and accession revealed no significant effect on total, small and big bulbs, but had significant effect on medium size of bulbs produced in all the accessions.

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