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Effects of Urbanization in Birds Diversity: A Case of Doon Valley

Birds in any ecosystem function as an indicator towards existence of any foreign element. The present study focuses on the avifaunal diversity at several site of Dehradun area in Uttarakhand, India. The  results indicated here is a part of larger study which aimed to find the existence of different birds over a long time frame, was  carried out in the six  months from November 2017  to late May 2018 . The study was an extension of recorded species by authors during their study time. The bird’s species are recorded from various locations within the Dehradun city from areas such as Kedarpuram, Mobewala, Shastradhara, Malsi Rajpur, Thano Raipur, Clock Tower Dehradun, Dhrampur Chowk Dehradun, and Prince Chowk Dehradun. It can be observed from the present study that farther we go from the densely populated urban establishment, the probability of viewing birds’ increases and decreases as we come closer to the densely populated urban establishment.

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