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Elaboration of new types fireprotective cowers based on environmentally-safe fireextinguishing powders

The aim of the presented investigation is the development of technology for production of new types, environmentally-safe fire-protective covers on the basis of halogen-free, highly efficient composite fire-extinguishing powders of local mineral raw materials. The technology for production of these materials differs from the conventional production. It is imply and is not associated with significant economic costs, which is reflected in the low cost price of materials. Fire-protective covers we made only by mechanical mixing of binders - Polyurethane resins and fillers - High-dispersed fireextinguishing powders of our preparation, does not need addition of expensive, phosphorous and halogen-containing flame retardants. Such fire-extinguishing powders are manufactured by mechanical treatment and blending of local mineral raw materials, which does not require modification with expensive, halogen containing, organic hydrofobizing additives, what makes the extinguishing powders far cheaper than imported analogues. Here it should be noted, that obtained fire-extinguishing powders similarly of efficient flame retardants, are characterized by high inhibition properties and fireextinguishing ability. Therefore, such powders we used as fillers, which in composite fire-protective materials are functioning, in itself, as efficient inert flame retardants.

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