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Electric Potential Energy Fractal Dimension for Characterizing Permo-carboniferous Shajara Formation

In this research, porosity was measured on real collected sandstone samples and permeability was calculated theoretically from capillary pressure profile measured by mercury intrusion contaminating the pores of sandstone samples in consideration. Two equations for calculating the fractal dimensions have been employed. The first one describes the functional relationship between water saturation, electric potential energy, maximum electric potential energy and fractal dimension. The second equation implies to water saturation as a function of capillary pressure and fractal dimension. Two techniques for obtaining the fractal dimension have been used. The first was completed by plotting the logarithm of the ratio between electric potential energy and maximum electric potential energy versus logarithm water saturation. The second was prepared by plotting logarithm capillary pressure versus logarithm water saturation. The slope of the first technique=3-Df (fractal dimension). Whereas, the slope of the second procedure=Df-3 The results exhibited similarity between electrical potential energy fractal dimension and capillary pressure fractal dimension.

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