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Elucidating Variable Traits of Flower Pigments in Clivian Plants' Species

Elucidating Variable Traits of Flower Pigments in Clivian Plants' Species

Colour patterns of flowers are vital commercial characteristics that influence floricultural plants and industries around the globe because of the multiple colour pigmentation produced by flowering plants. Flower colour patterns comprising different sets of colour can be found in many plant species and their cultivars. The varieties of an ornamental cultivated flowering plant like Clivia have also improved significantly in the floricultural industry worldwide. Clivias were recently subjected to a notable deal of retail market among conventional breeders to enhance varieties of variable flower colour traits, thus allowing the idea to understand and explore the origin and development new plant varieties. However, these ideas will be more credible if innovative studies are done on flower modification of pigments. Nonetheless, the review was focused on Clivia biology, flavonoid pigments, and factors affecting anthocyanins accumulation and colour in flowers, anthocyanin biosynthetic structural genes and CHS and ANS gene expression in flowering plants. In addition, the review concentrated on known important species of clivia, specifically on Clivia miniata, and the general studies of flavonoid biosynthetic genes from other plants in regards to flower pigmentation....

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