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Energy Alterations and Chakras Energy Deficiencies and Propensity to Coronavirus Infection

Introduction: Coronavirus is a virus that emerged in Wuhan China (December-2019). On May 18th, there were 4,872,016 confirmed cases and 319,206 deaths. In TCM, coronavirus is classified as an external pathogenic factor invasion.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that patients with chakras energy deficiencies alteration and Heat retention are more prompt to acquire coronavirus infection.

Methods: Through a study of the chakras energy level (1000 patients), from 2015 to 2020, 409 patients were selected to be deeply analyzed, where the ages, the diagnosis in Western and in TCM; the value of their level of the energy of the chakras was evaluated.  The study was made following a statement of Hippocrates “it is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease a person has”.

Results: Ages (2 to 70); Most common diagnosis: anxiety, headaches, low back pain, and knee pain, in Western medicine; Most common diagnosis in TCM: Yin deficiency, Yin and Yang deficiency, Heat retention; Almost 90% had no energy on the chakras 1 to 6. From this 90%, 70% had energy on the seventh chakra, and 20% did not.

Conclusion:  Almost 90% of the studied population had no energy on the chakras energy meridian, or massive organs, responsible for the production of energy and normal functioning of the body. This lack of energy is responsible for several complications associated with this infection that may worsen with the type of medication, diet, and environment of the patient.

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