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Enumeration of Freshwater Algal Flora From Ranchi

Enumeration of Freshwater Algal Flora From Ranchi.

Present communication deals with the algal population (Chlorophyceae) and their present status in receding water bodies of Ranchi which are facing pollution. It reveals 26 genera encompassing 70 species of Chlorophyceae in the region. The genera are Sphaerella, Tetraspora, Chlorococcum, Nautococcus Phyllobium, Pediastrum, Hydrodictyon, Tetraedron, Chlorella, Oocystis, Nephrocytium, Botriococcus, Ankistrodesmus, Selenastrum, Kirchneriella, Coelastrum, Crucigenia, Scenedesmus, Ulothrix, Cladophora, Stigeoclonium, Oedogonium, Bulbochaete, Spirogyra, Closterium, and Cosmarium. As compared to the records of adjacent states, the algal population of this region share 17 common genera with Orissa, 16 with West Bengal and 19 with North East States thus suggesting a common algal heritage

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