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Enzymatic Activity Induced by Acibenzolar-S-methyl for Control of Pratylenchus brachyurus in Maize

Despite investigations of new nematode control methods, little is known about the action mode of resistance induced involving control of Pratylenchus brachyurus. Thus, this work aimed to evaluate the activity of defense-related enzymes in the control of P. brachyurus in maize treated with acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM). For this, maize seedlings were submitted to four treatments: plants inoculated with P. brachyurus and treated with ASM (IT), inoculated and not treated (INT), not inoculated and treated (NIT) and not inoculated and not treated (NINT). Ten days after germination, the plants were sprayed with ASM and inoculated (800 specimens plant-1). Each five and two days after treatment (DAT), in two different experiments, the plants were collected for analysis of the enzymatic activity of POX, PPO, PAL and GLU in leaf and root tissues. At 30 and 60 days, the nematological parameters were evaluated. We observed higher activity of all enzymes in the maize roots, especially at five and six DAT in plants treated with the product. In the aerial part, plants treated with ASM also presented greater activity of the enzymes, except PAL. ASM reduced the nematode population in maize roots compared to the control plants.

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