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Exposed Roots of Salvadora oleoides in Aravalli Range Addresses Freeways Constraint: Ecological and Management Perspective

The rapid development of industries and modern cities in India coincides with the improved road networking in the last five years or so. An observation on such an effort in the state of Haryana is visualized from 2018-2020, which showed ecologically jeopardizing the pervasiveness of some important endemic vegetation like Salvadora oleoides a tree of greatest economic significance. The species is on the verge of decline in the state, where only 3.62% forest area surrounds the state geographical area of 44,212 km2 . This viewpoint highlights wounded and exposed root zones of S. oleoides causes deterioration due to one of the key developmental activities, i.e., the construction of roads and the expansions of rural, state and national highways. Further, we provide an overview of various in situ and ex situ modes of conservation measures for S. oleoides. The conclusion is focused on invocation of better land use policy intervention to maintain natural ecosystems with the modernization.

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