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Feasibility Studies on Grape Production and Business Plan Development in Axum, Ethiopia

Feasibility Studies on Grape Production and Business Plan Development in Axum, Ethiopia

Ecological and socio economic feasibility studies were conducted for establishment of a vineyard in Aksum Maykerah by Aksum University. Sustainable vineyard proper management is a paramount important in decision making ecologically and many socio economically over the long productive seasons of the vine grapes. Determining the vineyard design, including the location, land slope, water accessibility, the type of irrigation system, soil and nutrient status and the type agronomic management practices should be made prior to farm establishment. There would be a requirement of regular assessments of production costs and advantages of major agronomic practices such as soil tests and amendments, fertilizer recommendations, vine-training, pruning, pest and disease management, land cultivation, gardening, seasonal management and irrigation scheduling. Satisfactory analysis of farm determining factors favorable for economic operation would indicate profitably of a farm. Farms economic feasibility analysis essentially entails identifying major factors that directly impacts the enterprise’s market potential, resource constraints, and the production processes. However, the ultimate profit-determining factor is the whole farm management practice. Feasibility studies help to avoid costs associated with a wrong decision. Hence they will designate whether or not a projected business plan could succeed. Feasibility studies on a farm can be carried out any time as managers consider any alteration to the farms current operation. There is a considerable initial capital investment requirement for the establishment of this vineyard as a communal development project and it takes five to six years to recover the costs associated with the establishment and get a first profit. The vineyard would be operated as a communal business enterprise via crucial considerations on details in both the production and financial management for a successful and sustainable production and profitability....

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