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Features of Microbes Cataegory on the Basis of Environment

Some microbes square measure heterotrophic (more exactly chemo organoheterotrophic), victimisation organic compounds as each carbon and energy sources. heterotrophic microbes live off of nutrients that they scavenge from living hosts (as commensals or parasites) or realize in dead organic matter of all kind (saprophages). microorganism metabolism is that the main contribution for the bodily decay of all organisms once death. several eukaryotic microorganisms square measure heterotrophic by predation or interdependence, properties conjointly found in some microorganism like Bdellovibrio (an living thing parasite of alternative microorganism, inflicting death of its victims) and {myxobacteria/myxobacterium/myxobacter/gliding microorganism/ slime/ bacteria/eubacteria/eubacterium/true bacteria} like Myxococcus (predators of alternative bacteria that square measure killed and lysed by cooperating swarms of the many single cells of Myxobacteria).

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