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Ferromagnetic Resonance Tunability by Microwave Frequency in Bilayer Fe97Si3/Pt Thin Film

Microwave induced Spin-Hall Effect (SHE) has been investigated in Fe97Si3/Pt /Pt bilayer magnetic thin film using ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) technique. Applied microwave signal and in plane DC magnetic field on bilayer developed, a maximum DC voltage of 87.6 µV due to SHE at 0.5 GHz under FMR condition. The magnetic damping (α) and spin Hall angle (θSHA) for Fe97Si3/ Pt was experimentally evaluated as 0.09 and 0.078 respectively from FMR linewidth. The shift in FMR resonant frequency, shape and broadening of FMR line width with respect to the applied DC magnetic field has been observed.

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