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Fetal Stem Cells Use in Complex Treatment of Cancer of the Head of Pancreas

Objective: to identify efficacy of fetal stem cells use in treatment of the patients with cancer of caput pancreatis; to summarize all hematology advantages and positive effects on overall condition of the patients, improvement of their life quality.
Material and methods: we studied 15 patients who had been suffering from cancer of the head of pancreas and were administered treatment by use of fetal stem cell (FSCs) suspensions at Cell Therapy Center EmCell. All such patients underwent general and clinical examination over 1 and 3 months after FSCs transplantation: we were using functional CT and ultrasonography (US) for assessment of organs of abdominal cavity.
Results: FSCs treatment contributed to better life quality in patients of the MG who revealed improvement of asthenia syndrome components: reduced fatigability, less exhaustion and emotional instability; decrease in hyperesthesia and phenomena of vegetative dysfunction. In the patients of the MG leucocytes count was significantly reduced in comparison with indexes which were recorded prior to FSCs treatment. Such results might be an evidence of reduction in inflammation of biliary ducts, as well as decreased paracancerous inflammation in the patients under study.
Conclusion: Combined use of FSCs and conventional therapy for the patients with caput pancreatis cancer is well-tolerated by all patients, leads to reduced intoxication contributing to improved tolerability of standard anti-cancer therapy and promotes better life quality in the cancer patients. Positive changes in cell-mediated immunity were recorded in the patients after treatment.

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