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First Report of Aphanomyces Root Rot Caused by Aphanomyces cochlioides on Beta vulgaris in Arizona, USA

Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) is primarily used for the production of sugar, however, the yield is largely affected by below-ground diseases. In April 2018, sugar beet stecklings demonstrated chlorotic foliage in the seed production area of Arizona (34.0489° N, 111.0937° W). Roots appeared water soaked lesions. The disease incidence was about 2%.  Beet roots were washed to remove soil particle, surface-sterilized in a 10% NaOCl solution for 1 minute, and dipped twice in sterile water. Isolations were done on MBV (metalaxyl-benomyl-vancomycin, 72 h at 25 ± 2°C) selective media

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