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Flow Dynamics and Wall Shear Stresses in a Bifurcated Femoral Artery

The present paper presents peak wall shear stresses and velocities in a bifurcated femoral artery. This artery is modeled along with blockage downstream of bifurcation, blockage at bifurcation, blockage downstream of stented femoral artery. The femoral artery is subjected to peripheral artery disease. A two-dimensional computational fluid dynamic analysis is conducted in all the models, assuming steady blood flow and seventy percent plaque. However, the blood viscosity and blood pressure vary in the femoral artery models as they are subjected to other medical conditions. Femoral artery bifurcates into profunda femoris and the bifurcation angles are assumed to vary at 30, 45 and 60 degrees. The blocked bifurcated artery is replaced with a wall stent and in many cases, a blockage develops downstream of the bifurcated stented artery as a consequence of stent implantation. The wall shear stresses and velocities results from the bifurcated and blocked femoral arterial models are compared to a normal artery characteristic. Further, a comparative study has been conducted along the blocked bifurcated artery with and without the stent.

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