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Forest Fire Risk Modelling Using Satellite Imagery and GIS Technique in Kohima, Nagaland, India

Fire in forested areas is considered an environmental disaster that is triggered by either natural forces or anthropogenic activities. Control of fireside is troublesome, however it’s possible to map fire risk by geospatial technologies and thereby minimize the frequency of fire occurrences and damages caused by fire. The present study carried out in Kohima district, Nagaland, North-east of India for the history of major forest fire hazard in forested and grassland areas. In this study, the forest fire risk zonation map has been prepared to minimize fire risk and develop Forest Fire Risk Index (FFRI) to delineate the fire risk in Kohima District, Nagaland that is subjected to the frequent forest fire. Slope, aspect, DEM, NDVI, temperature, relative humidity, wind force and LanduseLandcover (LULC) are used as the factors influencing forest fire. These indices were set up by assigning subjective weight values to the classes of the layers based on the sensitivity ratio to fires.

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