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FOXP3 Gene and T Regulatory Cells Behavior in AIDS Patients

Regulatory T cells (CD4+CD25+) recruited by FOXP3 gene, are necessary for the initiation and conservation of self-tolerance and avoidance of autoimmunity by decreasing the auto reactive T cells. According to one research, it was being planned to examine the aspect of Tregs in immune system of HIV+ patients and noticed that number of Tregs are above the normal but function is extremely decreased with noticeable HIV-1 RNA in plasma in contrast to healthy control.. In agreement with other analysis, the effect of HIV infection on regulatory T cells (CD4+CD25high) was figured out via flow cytometry and FOXP3 quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR. FOXP3 mRNA was taken and calibrated in purified CD4+ lymphocytes or peripheral blood mononuclear cells from HIV+ lymphopenic patients. Hence, three HIV+ positive patients named as A, B and C were distributed clinically and antiretroviral therapy was administered to them. Consequently, it was evaluated through flow cytometry that frequency of Tregs are decreased in HIV+ positive patients while in group of uninfected, no reduction ofTregs was observed. This clarifies that FOXP3 mRNA expression is reduced in HIV+ positive patients as compared to controls.

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