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From polygamy to prosperity: How to use adversity to fuel passion and growth

Imagine being born into a family so large that the number one question people ask you is: “do you remember all of your siblings’ names?” Calvin Wayman grew up in a strict fundamentalist religion—he had 1 dad, 4 moms, and 44 brothers and sisters. Let’s face it. Entrepreneurs are often the weird, awkward, “crazy ones” that don’t fit in. And being 1 in a family of 50, Calvin Wayman felt that “out of place” feeling all too well. He grew up on a family farm but knew that he was destined for more. After never stepping foot inside a public school, he ultimately left everything he ever knew to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and making his mark on the world. This remarkable story shows that you can turn your biggest obstacles and can turn that into your greatest opportunity.

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