Fuzopuncture: A New Intervention Towards Joint Disorders

Rheumatism: Open Access.

Fuzopuncture: A New Intervention Towards Joint Disorders

Acupuncture has played a beneficial role in the treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders and therefore is thought to be a wellness therapy replacing generally accepted pharmacological intervention. Accumulated evidence has issued that acupuncture points are specialized points beneath which dense neurovascular complexes are distributed than non-acupuncture points. Especially, acupuncture points located on the joints and muscles responsible for the movement of the joints play a crucial role in relieving pain and facilitating articular movement in joint diseases. To attain a better therapeutic effect, Korean specialists have conducted Fuzopuncture technique in the treatment of joint diseases. Fuzopuncture utilizes injection of pharmacological drugs to the acupuncture points localized on the joints, muscles acting in concert with the joints, and paravertebral regions influencing the joint innervation to improve joint functions.

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