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Genetic Architecture for Horticultural Traits in Vegetable Pea

Genetic Architecture for Horticultural Traits in Vegetable Pea

The present study was carried out to determine horticultural traits by crossing 8 diverse garden pea lines/varieties in complete diallel manner. Seeds of F1 population along with their parents was planted in randomized block design. Analysis of variance showed that genotypes differed significantly among each other for all traits. The estimates of components of genetic variation revealed that additive components (D) of variance, dominant genetic variance (H1 and H2) and dominance effect were found significant for protein content, number of seeds per pod, plant height and shelling percentage. The estimates of dominance components (H) were greater than additive components (D) of variance indicating preponderance of dominant gene action for the expression of all the characters under study .The ratio of dominant and recessive genes (KD/KR) in the parents showed their asymmetric distribution among the arrays. The H2/4H1 ratio showed an excess of dominant alleles among the parents and dominance was unidirectional. Medium to high heritability estimates in the narrow sense were observed for all the traits.

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