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Genetic Variability and Correlation Studies in Onion (Allium cepa L.)

Genetic variability and correlation in onion was studied during rabi seasons involving 16 genotypes showing wider variations for all traits. Results revealed that the genotype Pusa Madhvi, AOSDRB-0919 and AOSDRB-0913 performed better in terms of yield and yield contributing traits and these lines may be use for breeding program. The highest phenotypic and genotypic coefficient of variations were noted for yield per plot (16.96-15.81%), yield per ha (14.86-14.07%), bulb size (12.34-11.65%), plant height (12.00-11.57%) and bulb weight (14.27-11.57%). The high heritability and genetic advance were recorded in yield per plot (86.9 and 0.60%), yield per ha (89.6 and 7.30%), plant height (93.0 and 11.38%), bulb size (89.2 and 6.16%), and bulb weight (65.7 and 18.80%), suggesting the major role of genetic constitution in the expression of the character. Yield per ha had positive and highly significant correlation with yield per plot, TSS and bulb size both at phenotypic and genotypic level, respectively.

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