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GENIUS 90 Technology in the Treatment of Kidney Disease: Colombian experience

Introduction: Chronic renal disease represents a problem of public health in Colombia. Its prevalence has increased in the last decade, with a high prevalence of patients per million (ppm), considering that only 56.2% of the population has access to the health; another condition related is Acute kidney injury (AKI), this common condition is associated with high morbidity and short-term mortality. Genius90 technology is an option for those patients, using Sustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis (SLED) modality and intermittent hemodialysis (HDI). Objective: To present the experience of using SLED and conventional intermittent hemodialysis (HDI) in hospitals in Colombia whit genius®️90 technology. To describe the characteristics of the patients who received SLED-type renal replacement therapy in intensive care units and conventional hemodialysis in hospitalization in the last 3 years and to show the experience in a group of patients with COVID-19 infection and AKI that received intermittent and prolonged RRT with the GENIUS®️ 90 technology in between March and July 2020.

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