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Genotypic Response of Sugarcane Under Induced Moisture Deficit Conditions

Genotypic Response of Sugarcane Under Induced Moisture Deficit Conditions

Drought is one of the major constraints for sugarcane cultivation, which necessitates the development of drought resistant varieties. The present investigation was augmented to assess the genotypic response for moisture stress conditions and to identify the drought tolerant sugarcane genotypes. Seven genotypes viz., CoVC 99463, CoVC 99263, CoVC 99134, CoVC 9981, Co 86032, Co 8371 and Co 62175 were evaluated under induced water deficit conditions. Genotypes CoVC 99263, Co 62175, CoVC 99134 and Co 86032 performed better for growth characters (tillering and NMC/ha), whereas CoVC 99134, CoVC 99263 and CoVC99463 expressed better cane and sugar yield under induced water deficit conditions. Genotype CoVC 99134 found better with 20.10 % juice brix, 18.83 % juice sucrose and 12.99 % CCS at cane harvest (at 13th month). Genotypes CoVC 99134 and CoVC 99263 hold promise for better performance under limited moisture condition and need to be evaluated at more number of locations to assess their adaptability under moisture stress situations. .

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