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Habitat Change Effects on the Flowering Behavior of Bergebnia crassifolia (L.) Fritsch

Habitat Change Effects on the Flowering Behavior of Bergebnia crassifolia (L.) Fritsch

Bergebnia crassifolia (L.)Fritsch.(Saxifragaceae) is evergreen perennial herb with flowering period from May to August. It is a local wild plant with high ornamental value. Altay Forestry Science Research Institute, Xinjiang planted them in 2003. In order to discuss the artificial cultivation and environment effects on flowering behavior, we observed the flowering phenological process of B. crassifolia in different growing conditions: the introduction at the low altitudes and the wild at the high altitude. The results showed that : At individual or colony levels, first-flowering dates of the introduction was earlier than the wild. Flowering was 20d in the introduction, while 40d in the wild. The differences were significant between introduction and wild (P<0.05); The flowering process of the introduction and the wild is the same; Environmental change has no effect on the pollen vigor and stigma receptivity of B. crassifolia; Introduction and wild flowering rates and abortive rates were observed. It was found that flowering rate was significantly different (P<0.05), and the abortive rate had highly significant differences (P<0.01). The differences between introduction and wild showed that there was a close relationship between phenological characteristics of B. crassifolia and some meteorological factors like altitude, temperature and so on.

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