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Hair care, Therapies and Transplantation

Hair Care:
As in today’s world fastest growing problem in all over
the world is which is faced by all generation, gender is
ALOPECIA. Out of which most commonly facing is ANDROGENTIC
ALOPECIA (AGA) which can be treated
if diagnosed early. AGA happen due to deminitarization
of hair root in fronto vertex region of scalp due to dyhydrotesterone
hormone which start secreting in the body
at the time of puberty. If a person carry weak hair genies
then it can start as result of deminitarization of hair root
which is getting aggravated at very early age due to very
stress full life style.
And other type of hair related problem which are also
growing very fast are Alopecia Areata, Scarring alopecia,
Anagen and telogen effluvium.
Alopecia which are of 3 type are alopecia areata, alopecia
universalis, alopecia totalis, these are totally stress induced
which is also due to Autoimmune disorder.
Scarring alopecia which is also known as Cicatricle alopecia
in this hair follicle are totally gets destroyed.
Anagen and Telogen Effluvium is caused due to diffuse
hair loss (DHL)it usually happens due any prolong illness,
due to sever defiancess of any nutrition , etc.
There are other alopecia such as Traction alopecia,
Therapies and treatment
There are lots of treatment are coming up now a day
which are effective too extend sch a PRP, stem cell derivative,
some internal treatments with some Finasteride
groups drug and nutrition supplements.
It Is one of the option In which alopecia can be camouflage
by operative which is also know as by FUE (follicular
unit extract) which is very successful.
IAT (International association of trichology in 2012 by
Dr David Salingar

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