Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control.

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Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Their Underlying Preceding Factors

A cross sectional study was conducted in Services Hospital OPD, Lahore May to July 2017.Multiple Questions were asked to the patients having positive history of hepatitis to study the ratio of population affected by hepatitis B & C and to rule out the major causes of hepatitis. In Pakistan, the cases of hepatitis are increasing day by day. This is attributed to mainly illiteracy, unawareness about hygiene and use of unsterilized syringes.

Objective: To explore the underlying causes and take precautionary measures to control the spread of disease.

Methodology: A Sample of around 50 Hepatitis patients visiting Services Hospital OPD were randomly selected and information gathered through filling of structured questionnaire to access gap in knowledge and practice regarding self-care in hepatitis B & C among both Male and Female and socioeconomic factors contributing to hepatitis prone lifestyle.

Results: A Study was carried out among Hepatitis patients in Services Hospital OPD, Lahore. Total 50 randomly selected patients (16 Male, 26 Female) were inducted in the study with age above equal or less than 50. Out of the 43 patients interviewed, 76.2% were above the age of 40 years. 61.9% were females, while 38.1% were males. The socioeconomic status was good (Income per Capita >3000 in 88.1%. Percentage of exposure prior to diagnosis was 9.5% within 6 months and 90.5% for more than 6 months.

Conclusion: A Study revealed that the ratio of occurrence of Hepatitis B & C awareness in that area is not satisfactory. People who were aware of this viral infection were not aware of its underlying factors and were constantly using those methods to spread the disease. Hence the null hypothesis was proved to be corrected.

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