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High Frequency Regeneration Protocol of Aloe vera L.

High Frequency Regeneration Protocol of Aloe vera

Guar patha (Aloe vera L.) is a succulent plant which is known for anormous medicinal properties. It propagates vegetatively in its natural state. However, propagation rate is very slow because a single plant can produce only three to four lateral shoots in a season. An efficient micropropagation protocol has been developed using shoot apical meristem as explants of Aloe vera L. The protocol involves induction, multiplication and in vitro rooting of the regenerated shoots and their acclimation under ex vitro conditions. High frequency of regenerated shoot buds from explants was achived on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 3 mg/l BAP and 1 mg/l IAA. All cultures showed shoot regeneration in this medium with 27.7±1.08 shoots/explants. Cytokinine free medium was found competent for further elongation of regenerated shoots. Further elongation and 100% rooting was achived on 1 mg/l IAA. Rooted shoot were transferred to Pre acclimination chamber (PAC) filled with vermiculite, where they grew well and attained maturity. The plantlets were then successfully hardened. Cent per cent plants survived in the field conditions. It is recommended that this protocol can be used effectively for rapid multiplication of elite plants of Aloe vera L.

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