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How did I Come Across into Cancer Field?

I am currently very busy: I am concluding my new book about the ´calcium paradox´ discovery, including the role of Ca2+/cAMP signalling interaction in neurological and psychiatric diseases! Indeed, I need to admit that the cancer field was not my key field of research! At about one decade ago, my research was related to skeletal muscle, including since its physiology until therapeutics for treating muscle wasting conditions. In my MSc studies, I developed a novel experimental model for studying muscle wasting conditions inherited to skeletal muscle, including screening of drugs for alleviating muscle atrophy. In fact, I have studied the role of Ca2+/cAMP signalling interaction since then, considering we found that drugs which elevate cAMP levels may alleviate muscle wasting. This editorial highlights how I shifted my goals from skeletal muscle to other fields, including cancer, herein highlighting latest advances that have been made by our group in the cancer field.

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