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How The World Turns Evil! Abortionismo

A culture accepting abortion has unconscious psychosocial “killing” superlatives throughout...or will have...Abortion kills empathy. No empathy, no heart, no mind. Death of another is not felt. Evil is internalized and desired...and acting out killing, one way or another, increases “self-worth” by the thoughtless acting out of emotions. All is denied of course, but living a lie is unlimited and becomes one lie after another...all “decreasing reality and being” (which is the definition of “evil”). TERRORISM,” all violence and virtuelessness are hate-full “ABORTIONISMO” today. Yes, The psychological acceptance of abortion (and contraception) have resulted, after about fifty years, in: (1) the acceptance of killing as a “solution” in the social structure, and “killing” pervades subliminally, which “kills America” in those for abortion, i.e., the Berkeley Campus un-Americans et al; (2) the destruction of childhood to the degree of selling children for sex use; (3) education became brainwashing and indoctrination to “kill” and no longer “how to think and reason” but only to imitate liberal professors; (4) the sex act changed from nature’s reproduction method, by the psychosocial pheromone known as “marriage” for humans, to an emotional excretory act which as a social construct has destroyed the meaning of human “gender” thereby emotionally deforming human relationships primarily into planetary pollution of global masturbation (“secretion”); (5) the turning of “journalism” into worthless sensational fantasies of false news, sex and violence which everyone should absolutely ignore and never pay for because, now, journalism will make you crazy; and (6) the loss of the basic Judeo-Christian virtuous raising of children which results in humanbeingness being replaced by drug use and criminality; all by suggestibility diseases.  Abortionismo leads to sexismo which leads to replacement of liberty by hate and replacement of cultural decency (childhood, motherhood, fatherhood, and decent family life) by unnatural sex and violence, i.e., the people turn from class to trash--welcome to America over the last 50 years thanks to virtue less press & media.

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