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How to manage Leaky skin with Integrative approach

HSkin is the largest organ in the human body performing
several functions. Our digestive system includes enzymes,
muscles, bacterias, juices, glands that starts from one
opening and end at the other. It performs many functions
involving vitamin synthesis, energy production,
breaking down the food, harboring its microbiome, and
absorption of nutrients in small intestines that are taken
to the other body cells.
Skin- Gut connection is multifactorial. The health of the
skin is connected primarily by the health of our Gut flora.
Industrialization and civilization in the world have led
to an easy lifestyle but has also compromised our GUT
health. External stressors like diet, overuse of antibiotics,
drugs, toxins, pesticides, chemicals along with internal
stressors like stress, free radicals, hormones, Gut microorganisms
have badly affected the Gut barrier function
leading to an inflammation in the gut called as Leaky
Gut. It leads to certain auto-immune conditions and inflammatory
skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis,
etc. Leaky gut gives rise to leaky skin condition due to the
skin- gut connection. To treat the leaky skin condition an
inside out approach is the key.
I will focus on an integrative approach that explores the
emphasis of diet, stress, drugs, gut microbiome, and toxins
in acne patients and treatment options. I will also
discuss the role of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical along
with the detox pathway required for hormonal acne.

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